Wednesday, 30 September 2009

August 2009 Playlist

finally found the playlist! however I can't seem to get hold of September's anywhere, I'm very sorry :/

Crying Lightning - Arctic Monkeys
Drumming Song - Florence & the Machine
Thick as Thieves - Kasabian
Kiss Me Harder - Shellshag
U + Me = - Dan Black
I'm Not Your Toy - La Roux
I Love You - Esser
Pop Goes The World - The Gossip
Radio Ladio - Metronomy
Bloodshed in the Woodshed - Modernaire
Mathematics - Little Boots
24 Hours - The Noisettes
Running on Empty - The Rumble Strips
I Don't Wanna Be Like You - Three Vicars

As If By Magic - La Roux
The Worthing Song - Bleech
New Pony - The Dead Weather
Hysteric - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Cheat on Me - The Cribs
Regina Holding Hands - White Denim
Your Weather - Dinosaur Jr.
Night Flying - Wolf Gang
Psychic City - Yacht
So Near - Jack Penate
Warm Heart of Africa - The Very Best ft. Vampire Weekend
So Insane - Discovery

Drugs - The Black Lips
You're So Cool - Japanese Voyeurs
Lust For Life - Girls
Baptized By Fire - Spinnerette
Death March - Post War Years
Reason 45 - Apples
Luddites & Lambs - Everything Everything
Pull My Heart Away - Jack Penate
1901 (Garage Band Teenagers rmx) - Phoenix
Cyoa - Heartsrevolution
Headhunters - Graffiti Island
Second Sea - SCUM
Male Bonding - Kasms
Many Many - The Rumble Strips

Dominos - The Big Pink
DC Comics & Chocolate Milkshake - Art Brut
On The Green - Jamie T
Billionaires - Your Twenties
Giving Up On Love - Slow Club
Story of Stockwell - Ebony Bones
Solid Gold - The Golden Filter
Shakes - Golden Silvers
Extinction - The Soft Pack
Gimmie - She Keeps Bees
Short Bursts - We Were Promised Jetpacks
Leaky Lifeboat - Sonic Youth
I Dread The Night - Gallows


  1. this is very cool. Do you know who compiles the playlist? Some of the bands on there are really small as these things go. Is there a DJ or is it just a CD on the loop - who makes the CD?

    (sorry I'm an overly curious person)


  2. Hi
    It's just a tape/cd that gets played - already pre-mixed (by immedia) - sorry to shatter your illusion of a DJ!!! I guess that the music relfects the fashion currently on trend.

  3. Sorry this might be a stupid question but i am trying to find out the title of a song i heard in topshop with lyrics "you changed, you changed into a hallow stone.." with a female vocalist. hope you could help! :)

  4. Hi, I'm not too sure at all I'm afraid - the best thing to do is type in the lyrics you can remember into Google and see if any of them fit! Sorry, but I've been pretty out-of-sync with the Topshop playlists lately as I've had a few weeks off!

    (how long ago did you hear this song btw?)

  5. Do u know this song,the chorus goes like: fuck u i've tried ? If anyone has an idea thanks a lot !