Sunday, 9 May 2010

May 2010 Playlist

Shiny and Warm - Goldfrapp
Like A Fool - Lawrence Arabia
Go Outside - The Cults
Go Do - Jonsi
Love is a Chain Store - The Ropes
Vaporise - Broken Bells
Sunday - YUCK
Flash Delirium - MGMT
What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club
Leap Year - Port O'Brien
Helplessly Young - Oh No Ono
Tides - The Pipettes
It Only Takes One Night - Dum Dum Girls

Lifeguard - Friendship
Built In - The Suzukis
Little Sister - Crystal Antlers
I Was Playing Drums - Efterklang
Our Most Brilliant Friends - Slow Club
Stephen - Veronica Falls
Fader - Temper Trap
Red Orange Green - Emma Pollock
Cavalier (time & space rmx) - Silver Columns
Jitterbug - The Kabeedies
Your Hands Together - These New Pornographers
Dark Shades - The Splinters

Oh No! - Marina & the Diamonds
Up In The Clouds - Darwin Deez
I Think I Like U 2 - Jamaica
All Is Not Lost - OK Go
Home - The Suzan
Slick - Chew Lips
What's In It For - Avi Buffalo
It's Working - MGMT
Ride Friendship - The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
WOR - Django Django
Lips (we have band rmx) - Micachu
Real Life - Tanlines

Like Magic - Operator Please
Breakneck Speed - Tokyo Police Club
Die Young - The Sweet Serenades
Swim Until You Can't See Land - Frightened Rabbit
Dare - The Mary Onettes
Asylum - Not Squares
Dreaming - Allo Darlin
Rouse Your Bones - Broadcast 2000
Nightlife - The Soft Pack
Tides - This Morning Call
Let Me Take You Out - Class Actress
Love Me Girl - Yeasayer


  1. Hi! I was wondering if you know what this song is, the lyrics go like, 'my heart it goes beep beep beep...' I heard it at ION Orchard's Topshop. Please reply! (:

  2. Hiya, Is this ALL topshop playlist songs for may? i heard a song the other day and literally just copied and pasted all your songs and not one of them is like the one i heard!

    It was two girls singing, id like to say similar to Le tigre/tegan and sara. it was upbeat and fun. I asked at the counter and they said to find the playlist online!
    Let me know!
    Cheers x

  3. The May playlist was from the store I work in. It's not one of the big flagship stores so the playlists may differ ever so slightly (as do Topman's playlists).

    I can't help but stress anymore that, unfortunately, I am unable to answer any questions of to what song it is you (and others) are after! My knowledge of playlists only goes as far as the ones pasted on here.


  4. thank you so much! I've been looking for that Tanlines song for ages now! x

  5. Hello!
    Thanks sooo much!!!
    But I listened to all the music and there's still one I can't find. on Top Shop Oxford Circus a girl that sing " you take my love for granted..... a journey with you"
    Do you know this song??? June playlist

  6. Maybe it's Ladyhawke - Magic ?

  7. hi ahhh i just discovered this blog this is legendary stuff! ;)
    i know you yourself cant answer but does anyone els eknow this song i heard it a coupe of days ago in topshop its something like 'wishing wishing wishing away' maybe its not wishing but somethign liek that, it sounds a bit like lenka and ir eally recognised it but im not sure!
    any help would be muuuch appreciated!
    and thanks again for this blog!

  8. hi - to 29 june post i think the song you are looking for is this -

  9. How about a song which goes

    "She doesn't see how the light reflects on her sequin dress"